Watch this video of 8 and 9 year old ukulele students  from one of our schools performing a song.  

The Music Makers Ukulele Classes

Ms. Kathy and Mr. Justin teach participants how to tune, strum, and play basic chords on this fun, little instrument.  The ukulele has become popular recently as it is being used in today’s popular music.  It’s easy to learn so even those with no prior music experience can be successful.  Participants will be playing songs right away giving them confidence in their music making abilities.  Classes are available for ages 5 years to adults of all ages.  Prices vary by location but a discount is always given for a parent learning with their child.  

Classes are offered in select schools and public locations.  Click Here to see the schools where we currently offer classes.  Click Here to see what public locations are available. 


If you know of a school or other location that would be interested in hosting our classes, please let them know about us.  We want to spread more "ukulele love!"