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The Music Makers Ukulele Club

at Creative Learning House


Location: Creative Learning House - A home studio in Matthews

Ages: 5 and up 

Day & Time: Wednesday afternoons at 4:00

Price: $60.00 per month for 4 classes per month

          If there is a 5th week, we will not meet or we will use it as a make up

          class in case the instructor has to cancel or in case of a holiday.  

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Description: The Music Makers Ukulele Club is an ongoing class for students of all playing levels.  We will spend the first part of every class with instruction for beginners so no prior experience is necessary.  It is a time for students to connect with others who share a common interest.  They will build friendships while simply playing songs together and will participate in learning from and teaching one another.  Students are encouraged to bring or suggest songs to share with the club.  The instructor will lead students in learning new chords, new strum patterns, ukulele games and new songs.  We will also work on mastering orchestrated songs to perform. 


Ukulele Information:

- The ukuleles and tuners that are approved for our programs, can be purchased at Sardis Marketplace located at 2328 Crown Centre Dr, Charlotte, NC 28227. Picking out your ukulele at this shop is sure to be a fun experience.  It's an eclectic, multi-vendor shop full of one of a kind treasures. 

- After you register for your class, we will send you a 10% off coupon for your ukulele.  

- Please let us know before purchasing a ukulele somewhere else so we can let you know if it will work for the class.  We don't recommend the inexpensive off-brand ukuleles sold on Amazon.  Any instrument that will not stay in tune will not work for the class.  

- Ukuleles come in a variety of colors, sizes and price ranges, starting at $54.00.  The price for a tuner is $11.99. 

- Any of the ukuleles at Sardis Marketplace are great for the class so just pick the one you like!  The smaller soprano size is most popular but the larger concert size is fine for older children and adults.  

The smaller soprano size is recommended for ages 5 to 7 and tuners are optional for this age group.  

- If you have questions about the ukuleles while at the store, please feel free to call Kathy at 704-231-5456.

Watch the club at The Sweet Life Cafe do an activity to help with strumming.