Meet The Teachers


Kathleen Bellavia  (Ms. Kathy)
Kathy is the founder and owner of The Music Makers.  She has two grown sons and lives in Matthews, NC.  She started playing guitar and singing when she was a teenager.  As a young adult she received vocal training, traveled with a band, and served on the foreign mission field.  She then spent 10 years as a worship leader in the States.  Kathy started Music For Little Ones in 1993, when her oldest son was 2, to provide early music exposure for him.  She later wrote curriculum for and taught music, science and art camps called Creative Kids for ages 3 to 7.  Kathy has been teaching in schools, studios and other centers for the past 28 years.  She also learned about alternative teaching methods while working in preschool classrooms and as a homeschool parent. Along the way, she received training from several early childhood music companies, but decided not to teach with those programs.  In 2017 she was trained by Lynn Kleiner, founder of Music Rhapsody, and is currently a Licensed Music Rhapsody teacher.  It was a great fit!  Writing and teaching music and lessons is Kathy's passion.  Her most recent accomplishments include cowriting and implementing a complete ukulele program and opening an arts-enriched morning school called Creative Learning House. 


Justin Bellavia  (Mr. Justin)
Justin is the son of founder/owner Kathleen Bellavia.   He began to show interest and talent in music at a young age.  As a homeschooled student, he was able to develop these gifts and talents.  He began working at Creative Kids camps as an assistant when he was in middle school and developed a love for children.  He learned to play guitar, banjo and ukulele as a teenager.  Justin then gained additional experience working with children and sharing music with them at the YMCA, where he has been employed since 2015 and promoted to lead teacher.  In 2017 he was trained by Lynn Kleiner, founder of Music Rhapsody, and is currently a Licensed Music Rhapsody teacher.  Justin now teaches music in schools for The Music Makers and at Creative Learning House.  He recently cowrote a ukulele course and arranged and played the instruments on the recorded songs for the course.