Our Teachers & Curriculum 

The Music Makers' teachers have musical backgrounds, experience working with young children, and are Licensed Music Rhapsody Teachers.  Our teachers have been trained by Lynn Kleiner, an internationally recognized leader in music education, director and CEO of Music Rhapsody and author of several award winning Early Childhood music education books.  Her curriculum  is based on the philosophy of Carl Orff and the American Orff Schulwerk Association.  Learn more about Music Rhapsody by clicking here  and visiting their website.  


Our Music

Our Classes

We incorporate age appropriate music that contains themes young children can relate to.  Children are exposed to different styles of music and music from other cultures. They learn classic children's songs and traditional folk songs.  Our original music

is written for children and contain singable phrases and beautiful, simple melodies.  Music designed with children in mind is engaging to children. 

Our Lessons Include:

  • Movement based learning

  • Opportunities to accompany group music making

  • Simple theme based children's songs 

  • Activities designed to encourage creativity and self-expression

  • Introductory vocal "pitch matching"

  • Hands on exploration with Orff style instruments

  • Fun activities that teach basic concepts such as tone,  rhythm, beat and pitch. 


Program Philosophy


     Our program is unique in that it doesn't attempt to teach overly structured instrument lessons that young children are not ready for.  

     The curriculum is based on the the Orff Approach, which is a philosophy of teaching music created by German composer and music educator Carl Orff.  In this approach children make music in ways that are natural to them including: dancing, clapping, singing, chanting, moving and playing.  Songs are short and simple and relate to a child's world of experience.  

     Orff instruments were created to increase sensitvity to rhythm and tone and are easy and fun to play.  A child learning music in the Orff approach doesn't feel the pressure to perform and doesn't feel evaluated or judged. Children are "learning by doing" in a natural and relaxed manner.