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Creative Learning House

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We have made some changes to our home music studio and are open for flexible morning childcare. 

It's a new approach to in-home childcare with a bit more to offer. Ages 3 to 6 take part in music and art lessons and learn through play in a loving environment.  (Scroll down for pictures.) 

We are fully vaccinated against COVID-19!


Mornings Open: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays

Hours: 9:00 to 12:00  (1:00 if staying for optional extra hour for lunch & story time)

Location: Inside our home studio in the Callonwood neighborhood in Matthews/Stallings

Ages: 3 to 6 years


There is a one time, nonrefundable $25.00 registration fee for all options.

1 morning per week - $30.00 per morning

2 mornings per week - $27.00 per morning

3 mornings per week - $25.00 per morning

Lunch & story time - $5.00 per day (send your child with a lunch)

About Our Learning House:


  • Very Small Groups of Students:  There are two teachers and no more than 5 students per group. 

  • Feels Like A Home: Our classroom feels more like a home than a school.  Our beautiful art work brings nature into our indoor space. Furniture and toys are made from wood and have soft colors for a home-like feel. 

  • Mixed Age Group:  Ages are mixed so younger children learn from older ones and older children learn leadership by helping to guide younger children.

  • Educational Toys:  The toys we chose for our learning house were chosen for a specific purpose.  We chose toys to promote learning needed concepts or are theme based to help children learn about the world around them.  Even the colors and materials toys are made of are for a purpose and are thoughtfully chosen.  

  • Art And Music Lessons:  We are licensed through Music Rhapsody to teach music to young children, so they are not just being babysat but will take part in high quality musical activities.  Children will create art, not crafts that the teacher puts together for them.  They will make their own beautiful creations that they can feel proud of and learn from at the same time. 

  • Teacher Background Checks & Training: Because we work in schools and at the YMCA, we have current background checks, are CPR and First Aid trained, and have done the state childcare worker training. 

  • No Teacher Turn Over: This learning house is our dream and we are here for it!  To learn more about us, CLICK HERE.

Request A Tour
Everyone must do a tour and fill out needed paperwork prior to a child becoming a student.

Click on the photo gallery for a closer look.


Kathleen Bellavia, Founder 



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